Friday, July 15, 2011

whats on the painting desk this week

Well hi there once again, I've been working away on a few different things this week some of which i've already posted the rest are here plus I today sprayed the next batch of work to do so it's all go.

I've been working on my next box of Perry French still a long way to go last night put on the first coat of white over the grey one coat to go then start on the detail half of the figures still only have two coats of skin.

  Some foundry french generals for my French army
These are whats left of what i have to paint for Richard

 Next two batches of Front Rank syw cav for Reg heavy cav and dragoons

 Some Perry Dragoons for my army


  1. Well you've certainly got your work cut out for a while, happy painting!!!

  2. No time to rest and take photos you need the time for painting by the look of it.

  3. Oh there's always time for painting my friend got a couple of hours in today and will get another lot tomorrow hoping to finish those french before Monday so i can hit those horses well maybe not hit but you know what i mean, thanks for the comments

  4. Great painting! I've just started and currently use gray priming paint, but you use black, why? Also I have limited colors in my paints. Trying to use just basic colors and lighten/darken using black and white, but this usually isn't working to well. Do you really thin your washes down? I think I need to do this and more layers too. Not happy with the flesh, use medium flesh paint with a brown wash. I don't get the dark lines that you do. May I ask how you get your dark lines in the flesh areas?