Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Carthaginian Impetuz 400 pt army

Just while i'm working on the pics for our latest acw game here's a for shot of my Carth army that is waiting for the chance to take on Craigs Gual's   It's a real mic of Italian hill tribes Carth Vets Spanish Scurttii and Libyan's  excuse my spelling.


  1. Wonderful looking figures - what rules are they based for?

  2. They look great, Kent! The spacious Impetus basing sets the minis off, very nicely indeed. Cheers, Simon

  3. they are based for Impetuz, its a fun game for two players not so sold on it for larger games.

  4. Agreed Kent. The interactive move sequence kind of falls down with multiplayer games in Imptus.

    My Celts are ready and are looking forward to another game soon.
    It is almost a shame to have to defeat such a beautiful looking army :)


  5. Just you try, i was wondering if we could us the black powder movement with the Imptuz combat rules