Friday, August 17, 2012

28mm Front Rank Chasseurs WIP

 his weeks project was to knock out 1 of 2 Battalions of Chasseurs of our Boradino game in a few weeks 
so after only getting two nights painting, i'm very happy with the progress today i based them and will have them completed before going out tonight, I undercoated the other 12 today and should start them tomorrow hoping that they will be done by this time next week, then i can get back to the commissions as i do need to be able to fund my work somehow. I decided to give the figures a spray of clear plastic and have just applied the first of two coats of dull coat, the cler spray really makes the colours pop


  1. Stunning work - they are beautiful. Best, Dean

  2. Great looking work and yes their colour does pop


  3. Very nice saturated colours on these stalwart models.
    Looking forward to the finished unit.


  4. Great stuff, enjoyed these pics!

  5. thanks guys these would have to be one of my favorite units so far

  6. Lovely colours and shading there, Kent!

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