Saturday, July 10, 2010

28mm WW1 German test figure

I started on the WW1 German infantry and cav today i based and undercoated them first thing this morning and tonight i've done one figure to see how my colours are and whether Noel is happy. I had trouble trying to get Valljeo colours that matched so hope he's alright

For some reason my camera hasn't brought the colours very well the colours are quite a bit lighter and softer than these pictures the red is much nicers but hopefully you can still see if you like Him, I might try a shot in the day light tomorrow, might show him better


  1. Even with the low light the figure looks absolutely brilliant.

  2. Nice work - I always liked the early-war uniforms. Love the contrast of the feldgrau and colored pipping. Dean

  3. Thanks guys I just hope Neol likes him as much